Bipolar disorder – symptoms, cause and treatment-

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Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that causes extreme mood swings. the condition is also called manic depressive or manic depression both men and women can have bipolar disorder. people of all ages can have ill. there are several depression kinds of bipolar disorder. which kind you have depends on how quickly you move from manic episode to depression and back again as well as how severe your symptoms are.
A times, a person who has bipolar disorder may feel very happy, full of energy, and able to do anything. the person may not want to rest when feeling this way. this feeling is called mania. at another time, a person who has bipolar disorder may feel very sad and depressed. the person may not want to do anything when he or she feels this way .this is called depression. people who have bipolar disorder can quickly go from mania to depression and back again.
other signs of mania include the following-
1 – feeling very irritable or angry.
2 – thinking and talking so fast that other people can’t follow your thought.
3 – not sleeping at well.
4 – feeling very powerful and important.
5 – having trouble concentrating.
6 – spending too much money.
7 – abusing alcohol and drugs.
8 – crying easily or for no reason.
9 – feeling worthless or guilty.
10- feeling tired all of the time thought about death and suicide.
Bipolar disorder may because by a chemical imbalance in the brain, at some time run in families. if you have a parent who has bipolar disorder, you have a greater chance of having it.
Your family doctor can treat bipolar disorder. your family doctor may want you to see a psychiatrist too. you and your doctor work together to control your mood swings and make sure you stay well.
bipolar disorder is treated with medicine to stop the mood swing. a mood stabilizer is used to even out highs and lows in your mood .anti depressed medicine can help reduce the symptoms of depression.
counseling and help you with stress, family concern, and relationship problems. it’s important to get counseling if you have bipolar disorder.