What is self awareness and why is it so important?

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self-awareness, which is sometimes regarded as introspection or knowledge of oneself, represents our capacity to understand our emotions, thought, needs, desires.it is the ability to understand our reactions to the world around us while at some time, retaining awareness of our actions and their consequences.

this ability to consciously appraise our agency in everyday life is of vital importance because the more you understand yourself, the better you can acclimate to change according to your needs. thus, with the data you have accumulated about yourself, you are more equipped to bring about necessary improvements based on what you have gathered.
basically, the more you bring your internal processes and thoughts to consciousness the better you can understand your activities and behaviors. if you have a bad habit, but you are not aware of it, or you didn’t acknowledge it as such, then it’s less probable that you will find a proper solution.

Why it is important to practice self-awareness —–

studies have been shown that being self-aware is an excellent predictor of success in life, mostly because a person who understands himself/herself knows how to identify an opportunity that’s suitable for them.
likewise, they can recognize when something is not right for them and will cause more harm than good.
Most of us go about our day without giving it too much thought. And consequently, we remain unaware of the reason we sometimes succeed or fail or the motive behind our actions.
and most often, we resort to self-reflection, when things have already gone way south.

What is more, in stressful situations, people are prone to reacting defensively, making excuses, or transferring the blame to other people.
however, being self-aware presumes recognizing you contribute to a problem. if you inspect yourself during such an instance, it’s more likely you will resolve them appropriately and avoid them next time.

essentially, self-awareness allows us to examine our actions and behaviors objectively, and to improve them if they do not align with our values and needs. assuming a different outlook can help you broaden your perspective and tackle problems that you might be unaware of in the first place.