Why we blink?

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Eyeblink is similar to what we do on our computer by refreshing, Have you ever counted the number of times you blink in one minute? On average, adults blink between ten and twenty times per minute, and each blink lasts just a tenth of a second.

We Blink to Keep Our Eyes Clean and Fresh

With every blink, our eyelids spread fresh layers of tears across the surface of our eyes. It keeps them from drying out and brushes away tiny irritants like dust and dirt that might interfere with our vision. When we have excess tears, they drain out through the tear ducts.

What Goes Into a Simple Blink?

So many different little mechanisms have to work in harmony in our eyes and eyelids each time we weblink. There are different types of tear production, there are tiny glands producing oil to replenish the film that keeps our tears from drying out.

tip – One good exercise we can do to keep our eyes feeling fresh is to close them, pause for a moment, squeeze our eyelids, and then open our eyes again.