Try mayonnaise hair mask for silky, shiny and bouncy hair-

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Mayonnaise consists of amino acids, a powerful antioxidant, and proteins that help stimulate healthy hair growth. you can use those hair pack regularly once a week by following some simple and easy steps-

Step 1- prep your hair using warm water to get it nice and damp, but not soaking wet.

Step 2- scoop some mayonnaise out of the jar and start rubbing it through your hair like you would a conditioner.

Step 3- wrap your head of hair with plastic wrap, a plastic bag, or a shower cap to trap the heat inside. heats open the pore and allow the treatments to penetrate stands further and thus work better. let the treatment sit on hair for at least twenty minutes.

Step 4- wash the mayonnaise out .this is most easily done in the shower using a diluted shampoo.