Ladies, your favorite pair of heels could cause these 5 health issues

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Pair of heels could cause these 5 health issues 

A Ukrainian airline has interestingly come up with a new uniform for their flight attendants, and it includes swapping killer heels with comfy trainers! The reason, you may ask? Well, the airline says the aim is to ensure that flight attendants are comfortable while at work. As it turns out, this change won’t just ensure the flight attendants feel comfortable but also benefit their health. ladies, your favorite pair of heels could cause these 5 health issues

Yes, ladies, wearing heels can lead to multiple health issues in the long run.

As per the Journal of Applied Physiology, in addition to injury, high heels place excessive stress on the back and lower extremities that can profoundly affect posture, gait, and balance. The research also highlighted how long-term use of high-heeled shoes could alter the neuromechanics of walking itself!

Health problems caused by wearing heels

1. Misaligned posture

When you wear a high heel, it places your foot in a plantarflexed (downward extended) position. This increases the pressure on the forefoot and compels you to adjust your posture by leaning back to align with the alteration in balance. As a result, your body stays in an unnatural and stiff posture for extended periods, causing postural misalignment and back pain.

2. Ankle and foot injuries

Heels restrict the motion and power of the ankle joint, as its position alters due to the height and propelling power provided by the heels. This can cause inflammation, and as per research published in the journal BMC Public Health, it also increases the risk of bunions, musculoskeletal pain, and even ankle fractures in some serious cases.

3. Toenail damage

Caring for toenails goes beyond the mere pedicure session. Wearing heels could cause ingrown toenails, due to the toes compressing together. This leads to the toenails growing into the skin, and may also make the area susceptible to nail or fungal infections.

4. Knee ailments

As per a research published by Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine, knee osteoarthritis is much more common in women than men. This happens due to the increase in the distance between the floor and the knees because of wearing heels. The increased distance causes excessive knee torque (force of rotation) and compression, leading to pain, injuries, and complications like osteoarthritis.

5. Hip pain and injury

Wearing heels can consistently engage and flex the hip flexor muscles. This extended engagement with the hip muscles can cause them to shorten and contract. As per a research published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, contraction of the hip flexor muscles can lead to the development of both hip pain and injury.

So, ladies, be mindful of these health considerations when wearing heels, and try to limit their usage to avoid pain and injuries.

Source –  Hindustantimes