How to grow eyelashes longer and thicker, naturally

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Here is all you need to know about how to grow eyelashes longer and thicker, naturally.

1. Why your eyelashes are falling out

Short and thin eyelashes may be due to hereditary factors but several reasons are causing them to fall out or getting thinner like stress, hormonal imbalance, dryness on the lids, and ageing, to name a few. Breakage of eyelashes can also be caused by using expired or bad quality makeup products, rubbing or wiping makeup roughly, or diet; while thinning of eyelashes can be an outcome of poor hygiene, medical conditions, and so on. Whatever the reason is, you can rely on home remedies to grow your eyelashes back and get fuller, fluttery lashes in no time.

2. Home remedies to grow eyelashes

Applying castor oil on the lashes every day will give you thicker lashes and prevent them from falling out. Mix few drops of castor oil with coconut oil and apply it gently on the lashes with the help of a cotton tip. Do it every night before going to bed and wash it in the morning.

3. Drinking green tea regularly or applying it on the lashes both work substantially. Place a green tea bag on the lids to grow eyelashes and calm your tired eyes all at once or just dip a cotton swab in the green tea and dab it on the lashes every day.

4. Good old olive oil is another very effective solution to get gravity-defying lashes. The ingredient is packed with essential fatty acids that work on promoting hair growth and prevents loss of lashes.

5. Vaseline petroleum jelly conditions and moisturizes the lash lines which contributes to the fast growth of lash hair. Also, applying petroleum jelly on the lids keeps the area hydrated and soft which helps in the overall health of eyelashes.