Autism – symptoms, cause and treatment

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Autism is a brain disorder that affects the development of normal, social, and communication skills. people who have autism have trouble communicating and interacting with other people starting at an early age.

Signs of autism can vary from person to person. they can also be worse in some people than in others.


1 – Avoid cuddling or making eye contact.

2 – Does not respond to voice or other sounds.

3 – Does not respond to his or her name.

4 – Does not talk or does not use language properly.

5 – Does not understand hand gestures or body language.

6 – Does not pretend or play make-belief games.

7 – Injures himself or herself or is unafraid of danger.

8 – Has fall facial expressions or uses a monotone voice.

Doctors are not sure what causes autism some study has shown that the cause is genetic. certain medical problems or something in your child’s surroundings may also play a role in many cases of autism.

Children don’t ”outgrow” autism, and it cannot be cured. there is no medicine that treats autism itself, but medicine may help with some of a symptom of autism, such as aggressive behavior or sleeplessness.
Research has been shown that very intense behavior and language therapy may help some children with therapy, some children may improve as they mature.