Anxiety Hack: Keep Your Gut Healthy With These Nutritionist Recommended Foods To Ward Off Anxiety

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There is a connection between your gut health and your brain. The nutritionist has a list of ingredients that, she says, will keep your gut healthy and anxiety at bay (Anxiety Hack: Keep Your Gut Healthy)

  • Your brain health is linked with your gut health
  • Probiotics and prebiotics can help keep gut health
  • Anxiety is a common mental health issue affecting many these days

An unending dose of covid-19 news, work pressure, and staying at home can take a toll on one’s mental health. Needless to say, the rising anxiety and stress levels then start impacting one’s physical well-being, leading to various ailments. Making some changes in diet can help to a significant extent, says nutritionist Nuami Agarwal. In her recent Instagram video, she talks about anxiety being the outcome of poor gut health. Your gut and brain are strongly related. The two are linked physically through millions of nerves, and altering the type of bacteria in the gut can improve brain health, she points out. Anxiety Hack: Keep Your Gut Healthy

Anxiety control: Keep your gut healthy to control anxiety and stress

The name suggests a list of things in the caption that you can put on your plate to help overcome anxiety. She wrote, “Both probiotics and probiotics have been shown to reduce the level of anxiety. It’s a good idea to add: nuts, seeds, fish, yogurt, idli, dosa and whole grains in the diet”. She adds that polyphenol-rich items like coffee and green tea also help increase healthy gut bacteria.

In the clip, Nmami lists more nutritious food that can be included in daily meals. It includes Omega-3 fats like nuts, seeds, or fish. Fermented foods like yogurt, idli, and dosa, too, are highly recommended. One should also consume high-fiber food like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Nmami had shared a COVID-19 diet plan in an earlier post. The diet chart has a menu for all meals including early morning snacks to post-dinner munchies. “Eating a healthy diet is very important during Covid-19. This diet plan is for those who are suffering or recovering from Covid-19. Remember you can modify the plan according to your requirements,” she wrote.